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Unicorn Dentist Services

“Unique, Customized Business Coaching and Speaking

Enjoying a successful, consistently growing business that has an inspired team while still finding time to balance and enjoy life, family, hobbies and personal development – success like this doesn’t have to be an unattainable dream. Dr. Lee Schriftman and his business partner, Daniel Schriftman, are two of those rare “unicorns” who have successfully run an extremely profitable business for over 30 years while sustaining a healthy work-life and family balance. 

Unicorn Dentist provides both personalized business coaching, lifestyle coaching and live group seminars to help others become those rare and sought after unicorns. Whether you are a current business owner or would like to become one, we can coach you to consistently elevate your business to the next level. Learn the keys to achieving consistent business growth, monetizing your niche, avoiding burnout and gain the quality-of-life you’ve always wanted. 

Personalized Coaching

Customized personal and business coaching to help you thrive in both business and life. 

Conferences & Seminars

Engaging, fun and informative – Unicorn Dentist gives you tools to improve both business and quality-of-life.

Learn Keys to Achieving Consistent Business Growth While Avoiding Burnout:

  • Identify Your Niche

  • Monetize Your Niche
  • Leadership Development Strategies
  • Business Systems
  • Marketing
  • Avoiding Burnout
  • Having More Time For Yourself
  • Having More Peace of Mind
  • Having More Fun!


Text "UNICORN" to 26786